All-new, all-awesome Kia Sportage

People can’t help but watch and want to learn from you, as you and your family cruise in the all-new, 5th generation Kia Sportage. From when it was first introduced, and through the years, the Kia Sportage has always been a pioneering vehicle, which is why it has always appealed to pioneers. Whether it be with its progressive designs, state-of-the-art technological features or world-beating driver experience and safety, the Sportage always leads. The all-new, 5th generation Sportage does not break tradition and continues to be a leader on all the important aspects and some that most vehicle manufacturers would not even think to pay attention to. Leading is in the Sportage’s DNA – just as it’s in the DNA of Sportage drivers.

Advanced design for inspired minds

Do you drive a Sportage because you have an inspired mind or do you have an inspired mind because you drive a Sportage? It doesn’t matter. What matters is you have the presence of mind to get behind the wheel of this pioneering vehicle, with a body that has been sculpted to have a free-flowing bold and sophisticated organic form. You appreciate the clean, powerful contours rippling along the side, highlighted by its new chrome and glossy black window surround mouldings. Accentuated by the dynamic rear spoiler, with razor-style signature LED taillights and sporty rear bumper, this is an urban SUV that connects you with your mind the way only a Sportage can.


Connected technology to stay ahead

Connections count. Not just your connection to people. Connection to experiences. Connection to your ideas, and favourite places or destinations. Connections that inform and entertain you. Connections that keep you up to date and safe. That’s why inside the all-new Kia Sportage, you’ll find the very latest in seamless and effortless technology, to keep you constantly connected with everything and everyone around you when you’re on the move.

From R603 995

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